About Lorraine


Lorraine Nelson is a highly sought-after Transformational Speaker, and Coach trained by the acclaimed John Maxwell and Les Brown. Lorraine is most known for helping people craft a Personalised I Am Power Statement to build a Positive Self-Image. She has helped hundreds of persons break free from their comfort zone to achieve their best results and has over 12 years’ experience in people building.

Lorraine is the Founder of My I Am Matters Ministries, a Positive Affirmation Apparel Brand in Jamaica that Produces T-shirts with Customised I am Statements for Males and Females. She has an ongoing campaign to give back 1 million positive affirmations shirts to our youths and has done this through the local schools in Jamaica. She has worked with clients such as Sagicor Life Jamaica, Hardware and Lumber Ltd and Scotiabank Ja. Ltd. through speaking and has a daily empowerment programme 5 Mins. of Power via Facebook & IG that teaches everyday people how to think positively and practice daily positive self-talk.

After being a witness to the birthing of new businesses, and several persons overcoming their fears and stepping out as a result of her influence on them; Lorraine has come to the conclusion that even though people say motivation doesn’t last, well neither does a shower, that’s why we recommend it daily-as quoted by “Zig Ziglar”. Her Mission continues as she is in pursuit of helping everyone she meets see themselves the way God sees them, which is Limitless.